I’ve been making theatre for several years now. In common with lots of people in the industry (be it through financial precarity or choice) I’ve worn many hats in this ‘making’. I first identified as a playwright – and storytelling runs through everything that I do – but I’ve also worked professionally as a dramaturg, a producer, a community artist, a workshop leader and on occasion a ┬ádirector. I’ve written scripts that other people have then performed, but I’ve also run durational storytelling events, performed in a Living Library, created installations, programmed work into empty shops, and made Easter bonnets with under fives. Because of all this I often use the term ‘theatremaker’.

I make a lot of my work with Write By Numbers.

From 2010 until 2014 I worked as an artist on a number of regeneration projects (ranging from those run by community interest companies to Government funded flagship pilots and business led schemes). What I learnt from these projects continues to inform my practice/ research both in terms of place and community and my thoughts on cultural policy and everyday creativity (as well as some of my misgivings about such work).

Below is a brief sample of some of my work, separated into the easy to categorise ‘Playwright’ and the wider ‘Projects’. I’m in the process of wading through my work for the latter, but it should give you an idea of scope of my work.

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In keeping with my interest in amateur creativity I’ve been writing for performance since I was 17 when I wrote the Parkland’s Girls’ High School Sixth Form Entertainment. My first professional performance writing gig turned out to be 12 months later when I was invited to return to my former school to write the 2001 […]



The area for my theatre/ performance/ storytelling work which doesn’t fit neatly into the ‘Playwright’. This area is currently being updated, but I’ve attempted to create a flavour of the range of work I make (and the people I make it with).