In keeping with my interest in amateur creativity I’ve been writing for performance since I was 17 when I wrote the Parkland’s Girls’ High School Sixth Form Entertainment. My first professional performance writing gig turned out to be 12 months later when I was invited to return to my former school to write the 2001 edition. In my final year as an undergraduate  I wrote my first full length play, Some Sort of Beautiful, which was a finalist for the Cameron Mackintosh Award for New Writing and performed as part of the OUDS New Writing Festival 2005.

Since then I’ve taken part in various writing schemes, been holed up in rooms for writing residences and , progressively, got to the point where I don’t want to burn all the words. My plays have toured England and popped up everywhere from empty shops to libraries to village halls and – once – a church! They’ve also been seen in more traditional theatre auditoriums. Most recently the West Yorkshire Playhouse produced a work-in-progress version of my storytelling show you, me and the way the world ends as part of Furnace Festival 2015.

My playwriting tends to two forms: one performer storytelling shows or all-hands-on-deck non-linear, structurally inventive texts. I think how (and where and when) we tell a story matters as much as the story itself and I think it that’s the thing that goes across my work.


you, me and the way the world ends

“There have been five mass extinctions in the earth’s history. All the evidence we have – all the evidence that scientists have – is that we’re about to reach the sixth mass extinction.”  There’s a tsunami about to start in the Atlantic, an asteroid changing its direction in space and in England the bees are […]



Co-written with Charlie Whitworth for Write By Numbers. Regeneration is an epic play about gentrification, why we build and the people behind our cities. Starting in 1900 and finishing in 2017, featuring an-almost fairytale, an imagined life story, a naturalistic drama and some very true stories of the people on (and off stage), taking in Newfoundland, Sydney, Berlin, […]



‘This is the minute I imagine most of all. I imagine it because though I know it happened I can’t actually remember it. Why would I? I’m five weeks old and wrapped in a tartan rug.’ Science teacher and thirty-something Kate is writing an equation. It’s the biggest equation she’s ever written because it’s also the biggest story […]

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Beneath the Albion Sky

Co-written with Charlie Whitworth for Write By Numbers. One morning not very long ago, Paul woke up, packed his bags and, leaving behind his partner and his job, caught a train to Penzance. From there, armed only with a map found in his father’s belongings, he began to walk St Michael’s Ley Line. Following the […]


Skipping Games

A twenty minute play for three female performers reworking Ovid’s story of Phaeton and exploring the story from the perspective of the otherwise silent sisters of Phaeton. Skipping Games was performed at Brixton Village Market as part of Ovid Reworked: The Brixton Project.