‘This is the minute I imagine most of all. I imagine it because though I know it happened I can’t actually remember it. Why would I? I’m five weeks old and wrapped in a tartan rug.’

Science teacher and thirty-something Kate is writing an equation. It’s the biggest equation she’s ever written because it’s also the biggest story she’s ever told. It’s the story of her life.

Mixing open water swimming, dubious teenage crushes, best friends, Exeter summers, Yorkshire winters, picnic blankets, protests, unexpected kisses, the days you wish you didn’t remember, and quantum physics, Blueprint looks at how you make sense of the world when you’re just about to leave it.

Written for anywhere between three and six performers and made up of 44 individual stories filtered by Kate’s dying brain (and which can be told in any order) Blueprint is a performance text about living (and dying) in England today,  exploring memory, faith, and how we tell our stories.

The text of Blueprint was originally developed with support from Arts Council England. It was subsequently developed and produced by Write By Numbers with support from ACE and the Bike Shed Theatre in 2013, before premiering at the Bike Shed in October 2014.

Blueprint is available for performance (good for: ensemble casts, and, because not enough plays can say this, big complicated roles for women). If you’d like to chat more or read the text please get in touch. Meanwhile you can get a flavour of the play – and some of the nice things people said about it during its initial production – below:

Blueprint Trailer from Write By Numbers on Vimeo.