Write By Numbers

I co-founded Write By Numbers with Charlie Whitworth in 2009 after we met at Goldsmiths College. Along with Estelle Buckridge (who joined us in 2010) we’re still directors of the company.

Write By Numbers makes plays, events, workshops, and cups of tea. We’re interested in community, place and what it’s like to live now and there’s no difference in status between the work we make together and the work we make with communities. To date we’ve made and toured most of our work in London and the South West of England, performing in village halls, a church, a bakery, empty shops and lots of markets as well as venues such as Camden People’s Theatre, Cheltenham Everyman, The Yard, and the Bike Shed Theatre. We’re an associate company of the Bike Shed Theatre, Exeter.

Most recently WBN has toured our play Regeneration around London and the South West and, with support from Lewisham Council, curated the community People & Politics Festival. You can see more about our work on our website.

WBN is about to relocate to Devon, getting a new haircut and a new mission statement along the way as we look forward to the work we want to make over the next five years.